• Heart matters

    How to keep it classy on social media

    If you’re a social media maven, like I am (haha look at me making myself sound cool and important), you would know that there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to posting to The Gram or Facebook. I mean, if you want to stay in the safe zone. With that said, you could totally post a whole bunch of opinionated, subliminal updates, with the sole intention of ruffling feathers, and, you know, trying to rub your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend the wrong way. If that’s your jam, I totally get it. Me, I am not that person, yo. I keep it safe and I try not to start a…

  • Marriage

    10 random perks of being married

    Hi, I’m Luchae and I love being married. Yes, this may be a well known fact but I sensed the need to lead the conversation with it because I feel like I complain about my beautiful, wonderful, amazing Hubstopher a bit too much on this here blog. Granted, his heightened sense of humor let’s me get away with saying just about anything (except Liverpool… we don’t diss Liverpool). But still. I felt it my obligation and duty to let you all know that I do, in fact, love my husband and that we are, in fact, happily married (soccer nights included). I mean, marriage is a trip, you guys. The…

  • The house with many rooms
    Heart matters

    The house with many rooms

    When I was in my early 20’s, my granny (my mom’s mom), had a “death bed” dream about me. She was sick, in hospital, and during one of our more quiet, melancholy visits, she whispered to me that she needed to tell me about a dream she had the night before. I know it sounds dramatic, but the dream was actually really beautiful and at the time, I was just so honored that out of all the many grandchildren, she would have a dream about little old me, during such a pivotal time in her life. In this dream, she saw me living in a house with many rooms. And…

  • Tired of being nice
    Heart matters

    The dangers of being too nice

    So it’s the start of a new year, yet again. I love how it always brings with it introspection and promise. This time around, I sit and reflect on the past year and, friends, I realised that I spent most of it, regrettably, trying to be a “nice person”. Yes, I know what the word “regrettably” means. It means that I feel deep remorse about the fact that I was “nice”, last year. Well, it’s the truth. I wish I could take back my niceness. There, I said it. Do you sometimes feel that way too? Real talk: I’m super good at acting happy and being all chipper, even when…

  • Is being mean a thing
    Heart matters

    Is being mean a thing now a days?

    So the other day I found myself in a stinky situation, with a stinky person, who was acting – yep, you guessed it – pretty stinky. I mean, it wasn’t even as if I deserved the stank. I’m a very diplomatic person and (if you watched my Instastories, you would know) I prefer to not go all Shaneequa on people, when I feel that they’ve wronged me. I don’t do playground cat fights. It’s not my jam. Simply because I get that people are people. I always try to look at the situation with the bigger picture in mind… you know, stuff like: what is the other person going through…

  • How to react when someone laughs at you
    Heart matters

    How to react when someone laughs at you

    So the other day, I was hanging around, minding my own business when I noticed someone making fun out of me behind my back. You guys, it shocked me so much that I had no words. And this is coming from someone who talks in her sleep. It shocked me because, firstly, hello we completed our schooling many, many years ago. What playground is this and who on earth decided we’re going to be 12 again? Secondly, why behind my back? Why not to my face? And lastly, the thing that they were gossiping about is actually such a heart sore topic for me right now; I could not even…

  • The girl I once knew
    Heart matters

    The girl I once knew

    I once met a drunk girl, in a random, crowded night club bathroom. She was beautiful. And drunk. Did I say that yet? We both were. We hit it off like only girls can when they are intoxicated, swearing to be “best friends for life” and declaring “girl power” and “viva tequila” and all other sorts of nonsense that makes sense when you are inebriated. The following morning, I found out that the girl had been in a car accident, en route home from the club, and had lost her life. My brief encounter with her left an indelible mark on my life. I mean, I had no idea who…

  • His ex is not psycho
    Heart matters

    His ex is not psycho

    If you’re a female and you’ve had your fair share of relationship drama, chances are you’ve been labelled “psycho” or “psychotic” once or twice in your life. No doubt by a fuming ex-boyfriend, desperately seeking bravado and/or redemption in the eyes of his easily entertained group of friends and/or his easily influenced new love interest. I mean, he needs to let them know that he is better off without you. And the new love interest needs to know that she is, duh, a gazillion times better than you are. And, more importantly, the man needs to feel like “the man”. I get it. (Not really) But why she got to be…

  • hurt people hurt people
    Heart matters

    Hurt people hurt people

    I remember feeling really small and insignificant in grade six. I was awkward and skinny and I actually liked doing my school work and hanging out with my baby sister. I wasn’t cool or popular. I didn’t do cool or popular things. I was reminded of my uncoolness often, by a mean girl who would pass comments about my gangly legs and oversized hair accessories (thanks mom). The mean girl was cool, so everyone laughed at her jokes. I laughed too. Leeanne didn’t laugh though. **Leeanne was the only other girl in our class who was a little more awkward and skinny than I was. She also did her schoolwork…

  • Mean Girls
    Heart matters

    How to deal with someone who doesn’t like you

    We’ve all been there. We know what it feels like when someone thinks we suck. And, unless you have the emotional aptness of a spoon, it kinda stings sometimes. But how do you do it, friends? How do you handle the sting of rejection? Most times I’m just over here wondering how someone could have overlooked my sheer awesomeness (and obvious humble heart). The truth is that we’re all different. And hey, that’s okay. If God wanted us all to be the same, the world would be a very boring place. But if you are wondering how to deal with someone who doesn’t like you, maybe these tips could help:…