Teach your child the correct terms for private body parts

private body partsThe other day Kari and I spoke about private body parts and it made me realize that I was not prepared for the conversation! My toddler is a precocious almost-3 year old who asks #allthequestions and says whatever comes to mind. We are actually quite proud of the fact that she has been able to string whole sentences together, at an early age. So when she wanted to know about the difference between her and her baby brother’s genitals, I realized that I could either faff around and make up a ‘snuggly wuggly buggly’ names for it, or I could nip it in the bud and call a spade a spade. So to speak. (more…)

Our mommy/daughter pamper day conversations with Baby Dove

baby doveAs is the tradish, Curly and I did our monthly pamper, this time with the new Baby Dove range. I usually enjoy the banter that goes with it. But much to my dismay, the convo quickly went South – literally – as my 2 (almost 3) year old starting asking questions about our nether regions. I literally sat there thinking, woah this escalated quickly, how can I escape?! BUT I took it like a pro and answered her honestly and as clearly as possible.  (more…)

5 reasons why I’d be a great life coach

life coachI sometimes sit and gawk at the sheer brilliance of my…well… brilliance. I mean, I’m pretty smart, even if I do say so myself. Which I do. Say so myself, that is. Anyways, not the point. I think that I am pretty good at self analyses. Maybe it’s the spreadsheet brain talking, but I love figuring out what makes me tick and what I can do to make me (tick) better. So with that said, I had this major revelation: I could totally be a life coach! (more…)

Are you an angry mom?

angry momMy children make me angry. There, I said it. Oh, sorry, your kids are perfect little poppets and you walk around sniffing roses whole day? That’s great. My children are not angels and I am a human being too, so I can’t relate. Look, I’m not saying that I live my life in permanent “angry mom” mode. Our home is not a war zone and I smile a lot more than I frown, I promise. But sometimes you need to bust out your inner ‘angry mom’ to get the job done. (more…)

A tale of diarrhea and Pediasure Complete {Giveaway!}

pediasure completeI never thought I’d ever have to supplement my toddler’s meals with formula… until the night that she pooped in my bed and the smell woke my 2 month old baby up. Yes, that’s my opening line and I’m sticking with it. It was a messy affair – one that I’m sure many moms have had to endure atleast once in their lives. But it’s even more terrible when your usually energetic child is suddenly weak and unable to eat or hold anything in. In a fortunate turn of events, Pediasure Complete had just sent me a gift that contained a tin of their nutrient-rich, lactose free powder. The supplement provides balanced nutrition for kids aged three to ten, who are experiencing growth challenges or who are not getting a balanced diet in. (more…)

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