Dear husband, you’re not doing a good job…

Dear husband, you’re not doing a good job right now. I mean, not that I would ever tell you. And why should I? You should just know these things. Things like knowing that: If I reply to your message with… Continue Reading

My week in pics: micro fashion, bridesmaid dresses and nail art

This week feels like someone literally took a drive down to a garbage dump, chose a few items, wrapped it up and wrote “Luchae’s week” on it. But then I check out my week in pics and realize that I am… Continue Reading

Marriage, weddings and saying yes to the dress

As I’ve mentioned before, a bunch of our friends (who happened to be part of our bridal party when we got married) have said yes to the dress and are also getting married now! I’d like to think that it… Continue Reading

Life with sons: starting a band, baby…

Our kids are weird. I say this with all the love in the world. These boys (aged 10 and 13) literally sit and sing together, while playing XBox. And I’m not saying this because they have amazing, Luciano Pavarotti voices. Nope,… Continue Reading