Meet the Mommy Blogger: Eleanor Douglas-Meyers of JustEllaBella

One of my favorite bloggers to date also happens to be a really good friend of mine. Eleanor Douglas-Meyers of JustEllaBella pretty much introduced me to blogging many a moon ago, when we wore high heels for fun and drank… Continue Reading

Daily devotions to make you stronger {Giveaway!}

Once you’ve hit your 30’s, each birthday feels as if it’s the start to a new season, in my opinion. I mean, I’m not exactly a spring chicken anymore, if you know what I mean. And yet I feel as… Continue Reading

Overwhelmed by motherhood

overwhelmed by motherhood

You’ve been there, I know. You’ve been overwhelmed by motherhood, wondering why on earth you ever signed up for this job. The perks are suppose to outweigh the cons, right? I mean, that’s what those soppy feel-good movies imply. And… Continue Reading

Easy peasy mommy makeup with Essence {Giveaway!}

Moms, I get it. Putting on a full face of makeup is probably on your list of things to do one day when you’re kids are old enough to move out of the house. Until then, lip gloss and eye… Continue Reading

Meet the Mommy Blogger: Kim Muller of Muller Kids

I was introduced to the sweetheart that is Kim Muller a few years ago (okay it literally feels like 10 years, but I think it’s only been 3) when I started ogling at her gorgeous kids on her Instagram feed.… Continue Reading

International Women’s Day, for what?

So apparently today is International Womens’ Day and I’m just out here wondering when someone is going to bring me gifts and money to thank me for being a woman. No one then? Okay, so what’s the point of this… Continue Reading

10 friendship lessons for my daughter

So last night, during bed time, my three year old proudly announced: “Peyton is my BEST fwend! I love Peyton so vewy much!” I obviously melted into a puddle of mom-feelings. I mean, she has a best friend! In true spreadsheet brain… Continue Reading

Even when it hurts

Even when it hurts

Recently faced with overwhelming loss, as friends of ours grieve the death of their beautiful baby boy, Conor, I found myself thinking: “God, where are you?!” Where is He when tragedy hits? Where is He when a family is forever… Continue Reading

Meet the Mommy Blogger: Zayaan Mollagee of Surviving the Madness

Zayaan Mollagee of Surviving the Madness

You get bloggers and then you get Bloggers – and Zayaan Mollagee of Surviving the Madness falls in to the latter group. The capital ‘B’ suggests that, like others in her supreme category, she knows what’s up when it comes… Continue Reading

How to celebrate a birthday – well, kinda!

How to celebrate a birthday

Go shorty, it’s my birthday! Well, not officially, but hey who’s counting? *cough* Me. I’m counting. It’s 18 days before my birthday and I’m so excited! I can’t help it – I love birthdays, you guys! Why? Well, because crying… Continue Reading