Preggy update: Husbands are sometimes right too

Preggy update: I’ve been especially hard on myself the past few days. Why? Well, mainly because I am STILL pregnant and I don’t know how to make it stop! If you recall from my previous posts, my doc would like… Continue Reading

How to induce labour at home

Have you ever tried to induce labour at home? Old wives tales and modern medicine mamas all have countless tips and tricks that supposedly work, but I wonder if they actually do. Of corse, keeping your bun in the oven… Continue Reading

Wait a minute, I’m STILL pregnant?!

It’s been a crazy past few days of #ECMeetUp planning and being pregnant all at the same time. I’m not sure how my spreadsheet brain calculated it, but I was under the impression that I would be way earlier in… Continue Reading

The Spur debacle and why I don’t care

So the whole Spur debacle has everyone talking and I’ve over here like, “what do you mean no more Monday burger special?!” Look, I don’t mean to sound cavalier about what went down at the eatery. In fact, I am… Continue Reading

the punishment of pregnancy

I sometimes feel the punishment of pregnancy. It’s there… the unspoken, acceptable norms, that make life as a female a little bit more difficult than before.  There are just so many challenges to overcome – legalities that shouldn’t be an issue… Continue Reading

2017: Winning! (Without a new year’s resolution)

Hey, here’s a pretty bold statement to make: I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions. Say whaaaa? Yes, really. While I appreciate that the start of a new year seems like a really good time to find purpose or… Continue Reading

Just so you know, this is why I blog

A few weeks ago I had coffee with a couple of bloggers at a local eatery. We chatted, very animatedly, about blogging and the blog industry. In mid convo I spotted two young ladies, sitting close by, mocking us openly.  “Oooh she… Continue Reading

2016 The recap

It’s a new year and a new season and I’m still tired. Okay, let’s scratch that. It’s no way to start my first blog post for 2017! How about: Hey friends! Happy new year! Okay, that sounds better. 2016 has… Continue Reading

Preggy update: The need to relax

As far as pregnancies go, I’m super duper tired. But like, more tired than you’re actually envisioning in your head right now. My body feels as if it hasn’t slept in a week! I need to relax ya’ll. If you’re… Continue Reading

Just a little “Christmas Crazy”…

I am a self professed Christmas girl. Yeah, I can get a little Christmas crazy. I mean, I even had a Christmas tree in my wedding photos. Okay, I actually got married in December… I didn’t randomly use Christmas trees as… Continue Reading