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#ECMeetUp: We came, we saw, we ate mini cupcakes

#ECMeetUpOur 2nd #ECMeetUp for 2016 (lovingly referred to as “the mini meet”) took place this past Saturday at The Athenaeum. We called it a mini meet because we weren’t up to pulling off another massive meet, with all the frills and bows, as per the last time. In our heads (well, in Elles head and in my spreadsheet brain) we planned a small get together, with little brand involvement. But our friends over at Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism decided to blow our minds and we ended up having a semi-mini-meet of sorts that resembled a regular major meet! (more…)

Spreadsheet brain for what? Pt. 2

spreadsheet brainToday, I take a metaphorical ‘spreadsheet brain’ breath as my entire life literally goes rushing by me. It is the day for a much needed “wooooosahhhhh” right before #ECMeetUp madness ensues.

Oh, good morning to you too. I did not see you there, amidst all my deep, philosophical thinking. I’m sure you (and me and the entire human race) noticed all the soap box oversharing that had been going on over here recently. (Although if I had to share ALL the latest happenings in my life, we could probably produce an entire season of 7de Laan… ad breaks included).  The past few weeks have been cray cray! (more…)

#ECMeetUp guest speakers, Colours of You SA

Colours of you #ECMeetUpOne of my favorite things about the #ECMeetUp (or any of our national meet ups for that matter) is that it creates a cool opportunity for bloggers to learn from industry experts. I mean, sure we have Google, but sometimes we need our Google to have a face. With that said, meet the 5 (very good looking) faces belonging to meet up guest speakers, Colours of You SA.

Instagram creative, COYSA, will be taking the stage to teach us how to get max benefit from the app. They will also share tips on how to take amazing pics for your blog and other photography related stuff. (Clue: there will be an exhibition of sorts! Eeek) Did I mention that they look like they could be a culturally diverse pop band? Because they totally do. See for yourself: (more…)

My spreadsheet brain VS Life

spreadsheet brainThe thing about having a spreadsheet brain is that I want my life to be like that too. You know, ruled and equated by formula; Easily sorted in numerical or alphabetical order; Colour coded at the click of a button. So you can imagine the amount of smoke signals exiting my ears these past few weeks as I said goodbye to a career that I had known for almost 10 years, for something completely different!


Okay, that might be a tad bit dramatic. But it pretty much summed up my thought process as I bid farewell to the comfortable. Suddenly, nothing made sense anymore. My formulas were not adding up and the sort function had malfunctioned. Nothing was the same! Aaack! Change! Everything’s chaaaanging! Damn you, Stefano DiMera! (more…)

Spreadsheet brain for what?

Oh hello there, it’s me, Luchae. Yep, the actual Luchae of this actual spreadsheet blog. I know I haven’t been around in a while, but I’m back now. Life’s been borderline cray cray. So many changes, big milestones to celebrate, events to plan and farewells to savour. Today, I lay under blankets, watching the rain fall, pondering on all of the above and then some.

I’m in that “I should be planning something but I don’t want to and I don’t know how to work my way around that” mood. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can probably spreadsheet if I want to. But I’d prefer just chilling here, considering the complexities of life and wondering how Kim Kardashian gets her boxer braids to be so perfect. (more…)

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