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2016 The recap

2016 the recapIt’s a new year and a new season and I’m still tired. Okay, let’s scratch that. It’s no way to start my first blog post for 2017! How about: Hey friends! Happy new year! Okay, that sounds better. 2016 has been a pretty eventful year in the life of my spreadsheet brain. I thought that we should go over all the highs and lows of the year in a “2016 the recap” kind of style. Sounds like fun right? Here goes: (more…)

Preggy update: The need to relax

I need to relaxAs far as pregnancies go, I’m super duper tired. But like, more tired than you’re actually envisioning in your head right now. My body feels as if it hasn’t slept in a week! I need to relax ya’ll. If you’re feeling like I am (with or without a baby in your belly), then this weeks Rain Africa giveaway is for you. (more…)

The ABC’s of buying a second hand car

I am in the process of buying a second hand car but, let me tell you, I sometimes feel like ditching the car and buying a bicycle instead! Not that that would ever happen. I mean, a bicycle would do nothing for my hair. There is just SO much to consider when purchasing a preowned vehicle though. It doesn’t help that society seems to think that girls and cars don’t go together. That kind of thinking is so last century. Watch me find that car, change ownership onto my name and source super duper cheap car insurance all by myself! And you can too! Here’s how: (more…)

Just a little “Christmas Crazy”…

Christmas crazy

I am a self professed Christmas girl. Yeah, I can get a little Christmas crazy. I mean, I even had a Christmas tree in my wedding photos. Okay, I actually got married in December… I didn’t randomly use Christmas trees as my wedding decor. (more…)

#ECMeetUp: No talk, just pics

ec-mini-meetup-4I know what you’re thinking: “Luchae, where are the #ECMeetUp pics?!!!”

Alright, I’m going to need everyone to calm down. The pics are here, as promised. They were taken by our beautiful Miriam Maulana of New Kid on the Block Photography and she will vouch that great things take time! As we end off this amazing blogging year (I know that we’re still in September… give me this moment to be dramatic, for the love pete!) we’d just like to say, once again, that it’s been awsome hanging out with you guys. Our group of EC bloggers is steadily growing and we are most def seeing more love from brands and businesses. PE is NOT the armpit of South Africa, Gareth Cliff!

Anyways, as I conclude my monologue, just a reminder that there are some more photeees, over at JustEllaBella, for your oohing and aaahing pleasure.

Right, let’s get to it then: (more…)

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