Myang sun hats brings the shade this summer

Myang sun hat
Myang did what I thought would be impossible: they made my seriously adorable kids look even more seriously adorable. Seriously. Well I already knew that the proudly South African boutique are stockists of the most delightful baby and toddy accessories and clothes. But when when I opened a package containing their newest edition, funky sun hats, I literally “aacked” out loud. (AOL?) (more…)

Review: Goodsky vacuums your blackheads!

GoodskyIf you’re a blackhead fiend like I am, then you’ll be interested to know that the Goodsky Blackhead Blemish and Acne Pore Vacuum Extraction Tool is now available in South Africa. You never have to pop a pimple again! Well, you shouldn’t be popping your pimples anyways, yo. It is damaging to your skin and can leave permanent scarring and blemishes. (more…)

Going tutu with KidCoCo {Giveaway!}


My girl goes tootoos for tutus! Seriously. It’s the first thing she grabs when she wakes up each morning. Her special collection is lovingly referred to as her “pwincess skirts” and guys, even if the hair aint brushed and the face aint washed, when she wears her tutu she believes that she IS a princess. So can you imagine the excitement when Salma of KidCoCo sent over a special package just for her? KidCoCo is one of my fave local kiddies boutiques and as a semi-pro at tutu buying, I would just like to officially state that the new KidCoCo tutu skirts are of the highest caliber, as far as tutu skirts go. (more…)

When you’re not exactly the perfect parent

the perfect parentThis week I had to make peace with the fact that I’m not always a “perfect parent”. Let me explain: I know that children are a beautiful gift unto our wombs and all of that, but I’ve been feeling especially overwhelmed lately. The need to be the perfect parent seemed to be clashing with the fact that, oh look, I’m a human being too. Has this ever happened to you? (more…)

Our amazing oyster farm boat cruise with Experience Days and Stampede Cruises!

Oyster farm boat cruiseVisiting the eastern part of South Africa any time soon? Well, firstly, give yourself a round of applause. You’ve chosen to enjoy one of the most beautiful (and historically rich) parts of the country and clearly have good taste. Well done! Secondly, pay special attention to the Experience Days website to check out some of the amazing Stampede Cruises experiences! The chartered tours around Algoa Bay, in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth), are relaxing and fun with just the right amount of adventure and edu-training thrown in for good measure. A bunch of us joined Rod and his crew on the scenic Oyster Farm Boat Cruise to the Zwembesi Oyster Farm, this past weekend, and it was all sorts of fun! (more…)

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