Five things to do while he’s watching UEFA Champions League soccer

things to do while he's watching UEFA Champions League soccer

I don’t know much about soccer but I’m gathering that the UEFA Champions League is as important as a 7de Laan showdown between Charmaine and her crazy twin sister. I mean, I’m not saying they are dramatic or anything, but… Continue Reading

Purge Party: Upgrade your closet for FREE

Purge Party

I don’t have a thing to wear! I mean, okay, shoes are spilling out of my cupboard and I need more packing space for my extensive scarf collection. But the mantra remains unchanged: I don’t have a thing to wear!… Continue Reading

Day Zero: The day the taps will run dry {And 10 ways you can save water}

day zero

It sounds very “end of the world movie starring Will Smith” but authorities have recently reported that Cape Town is on the brink of facing Day Zero. And by on the brink I mean, they say it’s going to happen… Continue Reading

Flying with children – Uh, yes you can!

flying with children

I sometimes think that going places with your children should get you an award or something. I mean, I’m sure you’ve taken your little ones out in public and said a silent prayer, hoping that melt downs are at a… Continue Reading

Ways to enjoy your summer garden

summer garden

Did you know that gardening is good for your health? Studies have shown that spending time in your garden can actually reduce stress and boost the immune system. South African summers are ideal for adding some colorful plants and flowers… Continue Reading

Five reasons why I’m moving to Windhoek!

Rain coats, congested traffic, car insurance and overcrowding – these are some of the things you needn’t worry about if you decide to ditch the hustle of your typical suburban SA living for that of the slow-paced goodness of Namibia’s… Continue Reading

My breast milk is better than yours

I don’t know about you ladies but I am feeling particularly magical today. Why? Well, because today is the start of World Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1 – 7) and to commemorate, I read up a whole bunch of fascinating facts… Continue Reading

Spending more time with my teenager

It’s no secret: I am ill-equipped when it comes to understanding “teenager”. My son and I seem to be on opposite sides of the mental highway lately and it kinda sucks sometimes. Well, okay, most times. He is spending the… Continue Reading

The ABC’s of making sure your car is road safe

Changing tyres, renewing license discs and car insurance… look, let’s be honest, as moms (and over all wonder women) we have more important things to worry about! Right? But, if you’re anything like me, you’d prefer to have your finger on… Continue Reading

Newborn photography tips

Swoon! I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m convinced that mine is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world! There’s just something about a fresh baby that melts the heart. Small hands, small toes, inability… Continue Reading