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    Pregnancy update: when you’re not a spring chicken anymore

    So I’m officially 30 weeks preggers today and even though this is baby number 4 for me (kid number 5 for us), I’m still so amazed every time the little pooper moves around in my womb. I mean, there is another life inside of me. It’s such a miracle! The back pain probably originated from the pit of hell, but other than that, the rest of it is definitely heaven-orchestrated. Like, I’m convinced. How am I feeling right now? Well, I was telling a friend that it’s so weird how this pregnancy is vastly different to my previous pregnancies. There are a lot of aches and pains this time around,…

  • Heart matters

    I’m not that cute anymore

    I can’t remember the last time I felt attractive. I blame this on the state of my hair, the aging of my skin, the flabbiness of my body and the fact that I’ve been pregnant three times in four years. I blame it on the umbilical hernia that makes me look as if an alien is trying to escape my body through my belly button. I blame it on hormones, on the stress of life, on the fact that I’m always busy but I don’t always want to be busy so then I stop doing things and then I hate myself for not doing things. I blame it on the…

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    How to keep it classy on social media

    If you’re a social media maven, like I am (haha look at me making myself sound cool and important), you would know that there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to posting to The Gram or Facebook. I mean, if you want to stay in the safe zone. With that said, you could totally post a whole bunch of opinionated, subliminal updates, with the sole intention of ruffling feathers, and, you know, trying to rub your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend the wrong way. If that’s your jam, I totally get it. Me, I am not that person, yo. I keep it safe and I try not to start a…

  • things we learnt by accident
    Heart matters

    Things we learnt by accident

    Three months ago we were rear ended by a Ford Ranger while standing stationary at a red traffic light. The accident happened at about midnight, on a Saturday night, while we were on our way home to our babies after attending a celebratory supper. The last thing I remembered, before feeling the impact of the double cab, was Chris looking into the rear view mirror and shouting “he’s going to hit us!” The impact of the collision (is it a collision if we’re standing dead still and you’re speeding through the main road – probably drunk – and you end up hitting us?) was so huge that our boot was…

  • Confessions of a super woman
    Heart matters

    Confessions of a super woman

    I sometimes cringe when people ask me how many children we have. I mean, you never know what their response will be once they find out that we parent and co-parent a collective of four kids. I mean, when it comes to responses, we’ve heard it all. From the “don’t you guys own a TV” (do you know that co-parent means we didn’t physically birth four kids together?) to “yoh, you guys are crazy!” (Thanks) Most of them shake their heads in disbelief (because it’s like, sooo shocking, and stuff) and say “wow, that’s a lot!” I guess they’re referring to the fact that they don’t know where we get…

  • The house with many rooms
    Heart matters

    The house with many rooms

    When I was in my early 20’s, my granny (my mom’s mom), had a “death bed” dream about me. She was sick, in hospital, and during one of our more quiet, melancholy visits, she whispered to me that she needed to tell me about a dream she had the night before. I know it sounds dramatic, but the dream was actually really beautiful and at the time, I was just so honored that out of all the many grandchildren, she would have a dream about little old me, during such a pivotal time in her life. In this dream, she saw me living in a house with many rooms. And…

  • Stay At Home Mom For What
    Heart matters

    Stay At Home Mom For What?!

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but the past few days of “back to school” has me shooketh. It seems especially treacherous this time around- and this is coming from a mother who has lived through 12 “back to school” January’s. Mornings are a hectic affair, with a whole bunch of kids and a husband to herd out the door, so that we can make drop off on time. I’m exhausted by the time I get to work… and then I have to remove my mommy hat, for my account manager hat… and actually focus on the work at hand. It’s not always that easy, you guys. Sometimes…

  • Should we be raising more racially aware kids
    Heart matters

    Should we be raising more racially aware kids?

    You may or may not be familiar with the story of a school in the North West, that left parents fuming after a picture circulated showing that the black learners were sitting separately from the white learners in the class. A mother of one of the black grade R learners, from Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke, reported a case of racism, after she had received a pic in the class’s Whatsapp group, showing the obvious separation between the black and white children. The teacher had explained to one of the black parents (upon drop off) that she was planning to rotate them during the course of the day, since they were still easing into…

  • Tired of being nice
    Heart matters

    The dangers of being nice

    I believe I’ve spent all of 2018, regrettably, trying to be a “nice person”. Yes, I know what the word “regrettably” means. It means that I feel deep remorse about the fact that I was “nice”, last year. Well, it’s the truth. I wish I could take back my niceness. There, I said it. Do you sometimes feel that way too? Real talk: I’m super good at acting happy and being all chipper, even when I’m feeling really bad. It’s not real life, you guys. It’s a mask. I’ve come to realize that my “being nice” can be pretty superficial. And if I was superficially nice for all 2018, then that…

  • things I learnt in 2018
    Heart matters

    10 things I learnt in 2018

    Friends, 2018 was a cracker of a year! I mean, as a family, we experienced a whole bunch of not so lekker situations. But, we were also blessed beyond measure… we still have each other and our health and a roof over our heads… how terrible could it have been, seriously? As always, I focus on finding the lesson in the stressin’ (ha, see what I did there). So, if I had to write a memoir about my 2018 findings, they would include the following bits and bobs: 10 things I learnt in 2018 that probably won’t blow your mind but it did mine I love being a mother Yes,…