Looking for a house to call home…

To say that we are ‘homeless’ is an outrage because we actually have a roof over our heads, while some have none. But we’ve been in “home limbo” for the few months now – and it sucks! We moved out of… Continue Reading

Fail: Judging a book by its cover

A while ago, I was reminded of the silly reasoning behind judging a book by it’s cover. I would love to brag and say that I am SUCH a good person and I never, ever judge anyone, ever! But come… Continue Reading

I quit my job

I quit my job. Or a more gentler phrase would go: “I resigned”. After 10 and a half years of service, I made the big gigantic decision to leave a desk that had become my comfort zone. Today is actually my… Continue Reading

I am woman, hear me rant

Ever feel like your tired is tired? Oh, hello there. Please don’t mind me. I’m just sitting here, feeling pretty putrid, after spending literally the whole night shriveled up in a ball of stomach cramps and restlessness, dreaming of a… Continue Reading

Help! My child is too nice!

The other day I had an interesting chat with a very concerned parent about the “niceness” of their kid. For privacy sake let’s call the child Susan. Susan is a well spoken pre-teen and according to her parent, she was… Continue Reading

Ever had to deal with that baby mama drama?

So Kyle’s on holiday in Cape Town and while I miss him a lot (and the tea he makes), I’m always so happy when he gets to spend time with his dad, stepmum and the rest of his ‘other’ family.… Continue Reading

My pasta made me cry…

The other night I made pasta for supper. Now this is not an uncommon thing, I mean, I am the self professed Pasta Queen of my family. But for some reason I started bawling my eyes out! My pasta made… Continue Reading

I’m sorry that I’m sorry

I’m sorry that I’m sorry… No really. Oh wait, I’m talking to myself again. Allow me to elaborate: Okay, so you know all those motivational mantras about being true to yourself, celebrating your strength and allowing your light to shine?… Continue Reading

Curly update: How to shine your light (with a needle in your arm)

It’s Friday and I could not be more happy that this week is coming to an end. Our Curls had to go for blood tests again this week and as you know, blood draw days are MEH! But this girl… Continue Reading

Your life sucks! Nooot…

It’s been a tough, crazy, past few weeks and I’m just over here, trying to make my brain work, like “Hello? Is this thing on?” I’m dealing with a bunch of reoccuring “Your life sucks!” kind of thoughts. But the… Continue Reading