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Looking for a house to call home…

homeTo say that we are ‘homeless’ is an outrage because we actually have a roof over our heads, while some have none. But we’ve been in “home limbo” for the few months now – and it sucks!

We moved out of our old place a few months ago and due to reasons (out of our new landladys control) we’ve had to postpone moving into our new home. This is why owing your own property is important, kids!

Eventually, after a lot of back and forthing, we took it as a sign from the Lord that the new place was not the one for us. It was such an anti-climax, but it made sense. I mean, why all the delays? Anyways, we had a chat with the landlady (who is very nice btw). She was so understanding about it, apologizing for the delays etc. But I think we both realized that this wasn’t the one for us. It was back to the drawing board for team Williams. (more…)

World Hunger Month: Adding hope at Oosterland Youth Centre

October 1st will mark the start of World Hunger Month. Yes, a whole month to focus on hunger. In my opinion 1 month is not enough, yo! Did you know that over 11 million South Africans do not have access to proper nutrition and go to bed hungry every night? The saddest thing is that 3.1 million of these are kids. I was shocked to learn that hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. Woah, that’s a scary way of looking at it. I mean, AIDS, not so easy to fix. Hunger, we can fix. Why are we not fixing it? (more…)

Fail: Judging a book by its cover

judging A while ago, I was reminded of the silly reasoning behind judging a book by it’s cover. I would love to brag and say that I am SUCH a good person and I never, ever judge anyone, ever! But come on, I’m not perfect. I’ve been as judgey as an Idols judge, plenty of times. I guess it’s something that kinda just happens TO you. I try to keep myself in check all the time, because appearance does not make a man. Well, that’s what I read here. And I’m sticking to it. But the damage that ‘judging a book’ can cause only really hit me when I became the topic of discussion. (more…)

I quit my job

I quit my job

I quit my job. Or a more gentler phrase would go: “I resigned”.

After 10 and a half years of service, I made the big gigantic decision to leave a desk that had become my comfort zone. Today is actually my last day at my old office. And boy does it feel weird. I guess the correct term is “bittersweet”. I thought I would feel more pumped up, but I’m pretty sad! It’s that feeling of: AACK, things are about to change! (more…)

I am woman, hear me rant

sick woman rant

Ever feel like your tired is tired?
Oh, hello there. Please don’t mind me. I’m just sitting here, feeling pretty putrid, after spending literally the whole night shriveled up in a ball of stomach cramps and restlessness, dreaming of a better day. Apparently, there’s a bug going around (I say apparently because that’s the general response I get when people hear that I’m not well “Ag shame man, there’s a bug going around”…) so it seems that the bug has latched itself on to me and my fragile tummy, resulting in me being on a water and anti-diarrhea meds diet for the past 2 days. (more…)

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