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I quit my job

I quit my job

I quit my job. Or a more gentler phrase would go: “I resigned”.

After 10 and a half years of service, I made the big gigantic decision to leave a desk that had become my comfort zone. Today is actually my last day at my old office. And boy does it feel weird. I guess the correct term is “bittersweet”. I thought I would feel more pumped up, but I’m pretty sad! It’s that feeling of: AACK, things are about to change! (more…)

I am woman, hear me rant

sick woman rant

Ever feel like your tired is tired?
Oh, hello there. Please don’t mind me. I’m just sitting here, feeling pretty putrid, after spending literally the whole night shriveled up in a ball of stomach cramps and restlessness, dreaming of a better day. Apparently, there’s a bug going around (I say apparently because that’s the general response I get when people hear that I’m not well “Ag shame man, there’s a bug going around”…) so it seems that the bug has latched itself on to me and my fragile tummy, resulting in me being on a water and anti-diarrhea meds diet for the past 2 days. (more…)

Help! My child is too nice!

The other day I had an interesting chat with a very concerned parent about the “niceness” of their kid. For privacy sake let’s call the child Susan. Susan is a well spoken pre-teen and according to her parent, she was being “too nice”… which seems like a pretty crazy problem to have with your child. I mean, a polite, helpful child, who seems to be overly aware of other peoples feelings and always eager to do the right thing, should be something to be celebrated, right? And it has been… Susan’s parents have always been overly proud (and other adults very impressed) with her. But alarm bell’s started going off when Susan was overheard telling a bunch of other kids “No! You’re not allowed to be helpful. That’s MY thing!” Susan was also overheard explaining, in detail, that she knows how to “control” adults by saying the right thing, or crying at the right times. “Don’t worry, leave her to me!” She would say, in reference to how she was going to trick her grandmother to do what she wants her to do. (more…)

Ever had to deal with that baby mama drama?

baby mama drama
So Kyle’s on holiday in Cape Town and while I miss him a lot (and the tea he makes), I’m always so happy when he gets to spend time with his dad, stepmum and the rest of his ‘other’ family.

I’ve never really been an advocate for “baby mama drama”. Not that I was immune to it. I’ll admit, Kyle’s dad and I have had our fair share of being mean to each other. There were many nights, preceding our break up, that thoughts of spitefulness crossed my mind. I mean, if I’m not happy, why should he be? Why should I allow him full access to MY child? I am the mother, after all, so I have more say in his life than the dad does, right?

And come on, ladies, let’s be real, when another woman enters the picture, you might as well put on your Shaneequa weave and hoop earrings because “oh helllllls no! No other woman’s going to be mother to MY child!” Suddenly, the ‘best interest’ of your child becomes the motive behind every crazy demand and every bitter argument… and in your mind, it all makes sense. But in actual fact, it doesn’t make sense. Well, not if you really have the best interest of your kid in mind. (more…)

My pasta made me cry…


The other night I made pasta for supper. Now this is not an uncommon thing, I mean, I am the self professed Pasta Queen of my family. But for some reason I started bawling my eyes out! My pasta made me cry… which is illogical, and one can only blame my female hormones for it. But, I confess, the pasta made me sad because…. it reminded me of my grandmother and how much I miss her. (more…)

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